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Sport Science

AIMedical is committed to supporting the latest technology in sport science to enable both teams and individual athletes to perform at their best all of the time. We choose only to partner with the highest quality manufacturer's from around the world. Please explore our range by clicking on the brand or product below.


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Zephyr Performance Systems lets you see more physiological and biomechanical data than any other wearable monitoring system. So your people can train harder, avoid injury and perform better than they ever thought possible. Zephyr measure six key inputs that report on more than 20 bio- metrics. You’ll gain the insights you need to help improve performance wherever your people are tested in sports, combat, emergency situations and research facilities. Click on the logo above for further information


Tensiomyography is an evidence- based method which enables precise measuring of individual muscles’ contraction characteristics - the ability of the muscle to contract/ relax. This information is crucial for the identification of injury risk, supports return to play decisions and shows change in performance over time. Click on the logo above for further information


For more than 40 years sports scientists, sports physicians, coaches and elite athletes have relied on the innovative strength of the Cyclus2 ergometer for performance analysis and training. Whether as ergometer for standardized tests or as an all-year- round training device for the development of sports specific qualities, such as aerobic power, sprint power or maximal cadence – the Cyclus2 sets the upper benchmark for ergometers in the world of cycling.

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Exelio studies and implements original hardware and software systems gps that focus on sport. The company enjoys designing and developing its projects to meet the needs of multiple clients. For further information, click on the link above

Reax Run

Reax Run is the first revolutionary patented treadmill which simulates hiking and cross country running. For further information click on the link above.

Renew™ ECP Therapy

Renew™ ECP Therapy gives everyone the opportunity to enhance their circulation through the introduction of ECP Therapy. Widely regarded as an effective method to increase blood flow, ECP Therapy can aid in improving quality of life, cardiovascular efficiency, and sports recovery. For further information,click on the logo on the left


Know your body


Do you want to learn more about your metabolism and the right nutrition for your body? A DYNOSTICS metabolism analysis determines your individual calorie requirement as well as the recommended proportions of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the shortest possible time on the basis of the respiratory gases. Personal nutritional recommendations via the smart DYNOSTICS App help you to achieve your goals!Dynostics VO2max