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Sport Science

AIMedical is committed to supporting the latest technology in sport science to enable both teams and individual athletes to perform at their best all of the time. We choose only to partner with the highest quality manufacturer's from around the world. Please explore our range by clicking on the brand or product below.


AIMedical International Pty Ltd is a member of Sports Medicine Australia. 





ddrobotec® allows athletes to step up their physical and mental game. 


For innovative coaches, trainers, athletes
and para-athletes looking to tap into unknown
performance levels, avoid training burn-out
and recover faster after an injury.

Use artificial muscle technology and smart data analytics to safely explore your performance limits and push past them. All data are recorded at all times. Leave nothing to chance. Combine high-intensity resistance training with challenging visuo-motor tasks to boost your neuro-muscular and neuro-cognitive performance. Operational dashboards and motivational leader-boards will ensure that you give 110% at all times! To be the best, you must beat the best.


Zephyr Performance Systems lets you see more physiological and biomechanical data than any other wearable monitoring system. So your people can train harder, avoid injury and perform better than they ever thought possible. Zephyr measure six key inputs that report on more than 20 bio- metrics. You’ll gain the insights you need to help improve performance wherever your people are tested in sports, combat, emergency situations and research facilities.

The Zephyr™ system’s estimated core body temperature gauge can help protect against heat-related injuries. With a proven record of success in programs like Howard University football – where it may have saved a student athlete’s life – it’s your best protection against the heat.

You need to know first responders can handle the stress.

Considering all the things they do to keep us safe, you want to do all you can to keep them safe. Hazmat units, fire departments, and even forestry workers use Zephyr™ Performance Systems to help ensure personal safety.

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  • Non-slip transmission of high brake resistances (up to 3000W)
  • precise test- and training-results achieved by using your own bike (racing bike, track bike, mountain bike, triathlon bike, hand bike)
  • Elastic suspension of your bike allows sustained load
  • Track cycling version with fixed gear available
  • Ideal for mobile performance diagnostics (optional compact transport case and battery powered version available)

Whether as ergometer for standardized tests or as an all-year- round training device for the development of sports specific qualities, such as aerobic power, sprint power or maximal cadence – the Cyclus2 sets the upper benchmark for ergometers in the world of cycling.

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Cutting Edge Sports Medicine Technology, Equipment & Instrumentation Devices – Australia & New Zealand

Elite athletes, coaches, research scientists, clinicians and sports medical staff are consistently choosing to use cutting edge sports medicine technology to improve performance throughout Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. The Australian sporting industry is continuously growing with many elite programs being developed in sports such as AFL football, netball, swimming, cycling; cricket, rugby and triathlon events.

At AIMedical, we are committed to supporting the latest technology in sport science to enable both teams and individual athletes to perform at their best all of the time and create that ultimate winning edge. We choose only to partner with the highest quality manufacturers from around the world.

Strength & Conditioning – Sports Medicine Equipment

AIMedical specialises in sports medicine instrumentation and equipment within Australia and New Zealand. Sourced from all over the world, our main goal is to give professional clinicians access to equipment that will make good athletes become great athletes, while avoiding potential injury under the strain of competition and training. We are constantly looking for ways to improve performance through cutting edge strength and conditioning equipment.


AIMedical is the leading Australian wholesaler and supplier for h/p/cosmos equipment. Choose from sports and fitness performance diagnostics, performance analysis cycling, performance diagnostics wheelchair, cross country skiing, speed lab and sprint training, bike ergometers, gait training, airwalk adjustable gravity and angiology fitness equipment.

Vibration Training



Galileo invented the side-alternating vibration training over 25 years ago. Starting point was the research in muscle and bone of the sister-company Stratec Medizintechnik GmbH. Galileo is used most effectively in a wide variety of applications - from Athletes to home fitness, from kids to the elderly, from fitness clubs to space research.

  • Learn more about the background of Galileo® training devices.


Zephyr Performance Systems

Our Zephyr Performance Systems allows you to see more physiological and biomechanical data than any other wearable monitoring system. Athletes can train harder, avoid injury and perform better than ever thought possible. It provides insights to help improve performance when tested in sports, combat, emergency situations and research facilities. 


This is an evidence-based method that enables precise measuring of muscle contractions. The information is crucial for the identification of potential injury risk, supports return to play decisions and shows change in performance over time.

Many clients are interested in what kind of information they actually get from TMG …. especially in performance. The answer “you get Tc, Dm, Td, Tr, Ts,…..” might be to technical for some, especially potential clients from performance, so maybe it’s better to point out that TMG offers what we named “muscle scenarios”.

We have attached a PDF document that may help.

Why is sport medicine so important?

  • New technology enables sports scientists and medical staff to perform their jobs more efficiently
  • Access to video analysis & GPS Tracking Technology worn by the athlete gives more comprehensive data than ever before
  • Provides immediate access to information and real time decision- making features.

Contact AIMedical for the latest sports medicine equipment within Australia and New Zealand on (08) 8294 8664 ORN1300 ASK AIM or alternatively send an email enquiry to for more information.