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Experience The Unprecedented Advanced Design Of h/p/cosmos Treadmill

h/p/cosmos is one of the most advanced, innovative and powerful treadmill systems to hit the Australian market. Established in 1988 in Germany, this established brand is renowned for its convincing technology, advanced design and safety in the production of running machines and treadmills. AIMedical distributes and supplies h/p/cosmos treadmill equipment Australia wide and within New Zealand; and is proud to collaborate with one the best brands globally.

Designed to last, with supreme functionality, precision engineering and safety - fitness people, athletes, coaches, patients and physicians worldwide are embracing this leading brand of running equipment.

What makes h/p/cosmos different to other brands out there?

h/p/cosmos is a pioneer within the industry and is highly sought after by fitness, medical and sporting professionals. Whether it’s sports medicine, rehabilitation, ergometry, athletics, biomechanics or rehabilitation, h/p/cosmos has all your functionality needs covered. Our running machines and OEM treadmills can also communicate with other equipment such as ECG’s, VO2max ergospirometry CPET equipment, stress test systems, metabolic carts, motion analysis software and much more.

General product features include:

  • Wireless heart rate measurement within the treadmill
  • Load dependent speed and elevation
  • Maintenance free and powerful drive systems with 3 phase motors
  • Reverse belt training for downhill training
  • Patented arm supports with additional keyboard & robowalk Expander

Setting The Highest Standards of Running Machines in the Medical & Sporting Industry

Why settle for second best when you can have the best. h/p/cosmos not only manufacturer’s the highest quality treadmills, we are able to set high standards for innovation, safety and support you can rely on. Our clients come first in everything we do; therefore our goal is to help customise supreme solutions that meet your expectations.

Every stage of the manufacturing process undergoes strict and meticulous management from start to finish. h/p/cosmos is without a doubt one of the best treadmills on the market together with other h/p/cosmos devices.

For more information on our range of high performance h/p/cosmos treadmill equipment in Australia and New Zealand, contact AIMedical on (08) 8294 8664  OR 1300 ASK AIM and chat to our sales team about your specific business goals.