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Galileo® therapy systems / medical devices

The side-alternating original made in Germany.

All Galileo medical and training products are manufactured by Novotec Medical exclusively in Germany and distributed worldwide. The quality of all Galileo medical and training products is permanently assured by a TÜV-monitored quality management system according to ISO 13485. Contraindications must be excluded before the first use of Galileo.
Detailed information about the background of vibration training you can find here.


Galileo® Med 15

Muscle training for toddlers in the medical field. Light and mobile for our little ones.

Product Details: 
Frequency range (from/to): 8..27 Hz; Amplitude (from/to): 0..+/-3,5 mm; Stroke: 0..7 mm; Max. acceleration: 10,3 g; more






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Galileo® Med 40

The alternative to Galileo® Med 40 Plus. Separately mountable control panel for the accompanied therapy session.

Product details: 
 Frequency range (from/to): 5..33 Hz; Amplitude (from/to): 0..+/-4,7 mm; Stroke: 0..9,4 mm ; Max. acceleration: 20,6 more…












Bundle: Bundle: Galileo® Med Fit Chip & Galileo® Med PTGalileo® Med Fit Chip & Galileo® Med PT

The high-end package for fitness, wellness and sports. Including Galileo® Med Fit Chip, the model for the well-equipped fitness area, and standing panel Galileo® Med PT for the visualisation of the complete training procedure.

Product details: Certificate: CE0123; Frequency range (from/to): 5..36 Hz; Amplitude (from/to): 0..+/-5,2 mm; Stroke: 0..10,4 mm; Max. acceleration: 27,1 g; Dimensions base unit more














 Galileo® Delta A TiltTable

Muscle therapy for patients who are unable to stand without support. System for applications in adults (max. body height: 1.90 m).

Product details: 
Frequency range (from/to): 5..33 Hz; Amplitude (from/to): 0..+/-3,4 mm; Stroke: 0..6,8 mm; Max. accelerat more…




















Galileo Vibration Plate

S+C use Galileo Vibration Plate - a German engineered, top of the line plate with features far superior to cheaper plates. This is the gold standard in Vibration Therapy!

NAPA uses the Galileo Vibration plate which provides a side alternating motion based on the natural movement of human gait, creating a tilting movement of the pelvis.
APA utilizes WBV training in all aspects of its therapy programs and your child may participate in Galileo training in any of their PT, OT, and ST hours.