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Detecting Muscular Dysfunction with Surface EMG Electrodes

Surface EMG (electromyography) scan technology involves the placement of electrodes on the body as a way of identifying electrical activity in the muscle. AIMedical represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers, offering Australian medical and wellness clinics some of the world’s best technology available within the industry.

Our sales and engineering staff welcome your questions relating to the different brands and product features on offer, equipment selection advice and helping you choose the best option for your next project.

Surface EMG is a popular technique in the chiropractic industry, with paraspinal EMG scanning the tool of choice for measuring changes in electrical activity of paraspinal muscles. It’s the perfect complement to use in conjunction with other findings to ensure a more thorough and exact synopsis.

It’s important to note that EMG scanning is purely a ‘motor’ experience- meaning it’s possible to experience greater muscular activity without any sensory pain or discomfort.

Surface EMG - Australia & New Zealand

Paraspinal EMG scanning is one of the most exciting technologies in contemporary medical practice. This procedure is a valuable tool in detecting and measuring changes in paraspinal muscular activity. Used as a diagnostic tool, surface EMG can only assess muscular activity from a surface level. Using electrodes placed on the body, recordings are generally limited to assess the activity of superficial muscles and cannot really gauge greater depth within the muscular structure. Realistically, surface EMG is great for activating certain muscle groups and identifying the level of muscle fatigue within the body.

AIMedical supplies a range of surface EMG brands from leading manufacturers worldwide. Bringing you the best in medical technology, you can rest assured you are purchasing from a company that is committed to delivering superior product innovation, exceptional service and sales support. We have all your medical equipment needs covered.  

Do you require more information? Don’t hesitate to contact AIMedical to discuss your surface EMG requirements within Australia and New Zealand on  (08) 8294 8664 OR 1300 ASK AIM or alternatively send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

A Brief History Of The Electromyography Machine

It’s hard to deny that the electromyography machine (EMG machine) has forever changed the world of healthcare and medicine, but have you ever wondered about the history behind this incredible piece of technology? The team at AIMedical International decided to take a brief look at the surprisingly long history of the EMG device to better understand where the technology was first conceived.

What Is An Electromyography Machine?

Electromyography is a diagnostic procedure to assess the health of muscles and the nerve cells that control them, otherwise known as motor neurons. An electromyographic machine (also known as an EMG machine) is used to conduct the EMG. The electromyography device uses electrodes, which are either tiny needles inserted into the muscles or electrode stickers, to translate the electrical signals that cause muscles to contract into graphs, sound, or numerical values. A specialist then translates this data.

Doctors typically order an EMG if an individual shows signs or symptoms that may indicate a nerve or muscle disorder such as numbness, tingling or a ‘pins and needles’ feeling, radiating pain, muscle spasms or weakness, and difficulty performing daily tasks. An electromyography system can diagnose or rule out conditions such as;

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, or other disorders of the peripheral nerves.
  • Herniated discs in the spine or other disorders that affect the nerve root.
  • Muscular dystrophy, polymyositis, or other muscle disorders.
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, polio, or other disorders that affect motor neurons in the brain or spinal cord.
  • Diseases affecting connections between nerves and muscles, such as myasthenia gravis.

A Brief History Electromyography Equipment

Here are a few facts about the humble EMG system that the AIMedical International team found pretty interesting.

  • It’s not a new piece of equipment. In 1771, Luigi Galvani, an Italian physician, demonstrated that electrical stimulation of muscular tissue produced contraction and force. He did this by applying electricity to an animal’s body, discovering that nerves and muscles produce electricity. However, this knowledge was not able to be quantified until the development of recording equipment in 1922.
  • The ability to record EMG results. In 1929, concentric needle electrodes were connected to an amplifier and a loudspeaker, thereby allowing doctors to record results for the first time.
  • The electromyography machine as we know it. Herbert Jasper built the first modern EMG device at McGill University, Montreal, in 1942.
  • World War 2 saw advances in technology. Toward the end of WW2, doctors began measuring the combined potential of individual muscle fibres from the surface of the muscle after stimulating the supplying nerve percutaneously. They also quantified differences in CMAP waveforms when stimulating above and below the site of peripheral nerve injury in war victims. With such a large number of patients with nerve injuries following WW2, there were considerable advancements in EMG technology.
  • Refining the technology. In the 1980s, technology and integration systems for electrodes had sufficiently advanced to allow batch production of the required small, lightweight instrumentation and amplifiers. Cables that produced signals in the desired microvolt range became available, and surface electromyography became popular for recording superficial muscles in clinical or kinesiological protocols.

Why Choose AIMedical International?

When you need cutting edge EMG equipment, turn to the team who can set you up with the best solutions. There’s a reason why more health and sports practitioners choose AIMedical International.

  • High-quality products. AIMedical Internation represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers such as h/p/cosmos, Arqus, Neurosoft, Noraxon, and Qualisys.
  • Premium service. The AIMedical International team comprises experts across medical sales and marketing, manufacturing, and biomechanics, so we’re able to deliver top-tier customer support and services.
  • We ship across Australia and New Zealand. Wherever you need your EMG technology, we’ll get it there. We provide shipping throughout Australia and New Zealand for the convenience of our clients.
  • Reliable products. You can trust that any equipment purchased through AIMedical International will be reliable. We’re so confident in the quality of our technology that we offer a two-year warranty on all products.

If You’re Looking For An Electromyography Machine, Contact AIMedical International

AIMedical International strives to deliver the latest high-quality technology and unique, scientifically proven solutions from premier manufacturers of instrumentation and devices internationally. Our team has an unparalleled passion for innovation, which translates into everything we do for our clients. We’re here to provide information, equipment selection advice, and premium customer support services. Whether you need sports science technology, neuro-rehabilitation technology, neuro-science devices, or biomechanics cameras and software, AIMedical International can help you choose the equipment that meets your needs. If you’re looking to purchase an electromyography machine, contact the team at AI Medical International today.