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Phenotyping – Utilising State-of-The-Art Digital Tools For Measuring Organisms



The ActiMot3 frames are seamlessly integrated with other PhenoMaster modules like drinking and feeding systems, running wheels, operant walls, and indirect calorimetry setups. With all...

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Automated monitoring of individual locomotor activity in group housed mice or rats.

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Phenotyping Tools For The Scientific Community

PhenoMaster/LabMaster Technology

Is a uniquely flexible modular high-throughput phenotyping platform for single or up to 128 mice or rats simultaneously. It equips scientists of different research fields with state-of-the-art technology for fully automated and perfectly synchronized metabolic, behavioural and psychological monitoring.


Social multi arena home cage based behavioural, cognitive, metabolic and psychological screening. Based on the results of recent EU research projects and our extensive experience with in-vivo phenotyping and test equipment, TSE systems has developed the PhenoWorld concept in close collaboration with several leading research institutions.

How does Phenotyping work?

Put simply, phenotyping has the ability to deliver precise data pertaining to gene functions within animals - with the added ability to respond to three disciplines combined in the home cage: metabolic, behavioural and physiological data captured in high resolution and complete synchronicity.  Each specific function can be customised to your exact needs to suit your research requirements.

Servicing Australian Scientists & Industry Researchers With The Best Phenotyping Technology Available

We supply TSE Systems that are world renowned for finding new ways to treat and eliminate major diseases including Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Obesity and Parkinson’s disease. We are well positioned to provide academics and scientists with the best phenotyping technology available in the industry.

Our expert team is available to discuss all your equipment needs and help you address your current research platforms more cost-effectively.

AIMedical specialises in phenotyping technology within Australia. If you’re in need of a phenotyping device, speak to one of our technology specialists today on  (08) 8294 8664  OR 1300 ASK AIM for more detailed information.