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Mitochondrial Cell Training

CellAir Activ

The CELLGYM health concept reprograms the mitochondrial cell metabolism using using the integral Intervall-Hypoxia-Hyperoxia-Training. This is achieved in association with non-invasive diagnostics and targeted orthomolecular supplementation.

Train relaxed and safely using the integrated biofeedback training control with CellAir One.

Automatic switching between the hypoxic stimulus phase and the hyperoxic recovery phase.

Continuous recording of the measurement data on the monitor during use and for later analysis.

Specific programs: rookie program, advanced program, expert program, endurance program, metabolic optimizing program. Respiratory air is moistened by the micro-mister.

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Renew™ ECP Therapy

Renew™ ECP Therapy gives everyone the opportunity to enhance their circulation through the introduction of ECP Therapy. Widely regarded as an effective method to increase blood flow, ECP Therapy can aid in improving quality of life, cardiovascular efficiency, and sports recovery.

Good circulation is vital to good health. It’s how the blood delivers the oxygen, nutrients, antibodies and other materials that cells need to support, repair and protect the body. It also takes away waste, preventing the build-up of harmful substances over time. Enhancing the efficiency of the heart and blood vessels through improved blood circulation can improve quality of life and reduce the potential risk of serious health problems. For further information, click on the logo above