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Mitochondrial Cell Training

CellAir Activ

The CELLGYM health concept reprograms the mitochondrial cell metabolism using the integral Intervall-Hypoxia-Hyperoxia-Training. This is achieved in association with non-invasive diagnostics and targeted orthomolecular supplementation.

Train relaxed and safely using the integrated biofeedback training control with CellAir One.

Automatic switching between the hypoxic stimulus phase and the hyperoxic recovery phase.

Continuous recording of the measurement data on the monitor during use and for later analysis.

Specific programs: rookie program, advanced program, expert program, endurance program, metabolic optimizing program. Respiratory air is moistened by the micro-mister.

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Why customers recommend cellgym

  • Medically approved technology - Made in Germany
  • Holistic system with a lot of practical relevance
  • 24/7 worldwide service and support
  • Exchange in a large network of experts
  • Training and further education by experts including certificate

Models available

Home use
Professional Use
Use in hotel lounges etc.
For medical professionals

Renew™ ECP Therapy

Renew™ ECP Therapy gives everyone the opportunity to enhance their circulation through the introduction of ECP Therapy.


Renew™ ECP Therapy incorporates a full and detailed health assessment to deliver a tailored program that meets the client’s requirements. After an initial health assessment has been completed, you and your client will select one of the programs most suited to their needs. Reported benefits to overall health include increased energy levels, exercise tolerance and vitality1.

  1. Braverman, D. Heal Your Heart with EECP: The Only Non-invasive Way to overcome Heart Disease. Crown Publishing Group. 2005:68

 Widely regarded as an effective method to increase blood flow, ECP Therapy can aid in improving quality of life, cardiovascular efficiency, and sports recovery.

Good circulation is vital to good health. It’s how the blood delivers the oxygen, nutrients, antibodies and other materials that cells need to support, repair and protect the body. It also takes away waste, preventing the build-up of harmful substances over time. Enhancing the efficiency of the heart and blood vessels through improved blood circulation can improve quality of life and reduce the potential risk of serious health problems. 

Renew™ Sport Specifications
Treatment Pressure and Duration
Upto6.0 psi
Treatment duration timer
- Eleven pre-set treatment time options 10 - 60min
Renew Sport Functionality
Automatic firmware detection of the QRS complex and R-wave
Automatic inflate/ deflate start time setting ensures that counter
pulsation occurs only during diastole. A push button switch allows
manual fine-adjustment of the inflation / deflation times
Not filters and band-pass filters eliminate electrical interference to the
cardiac signal
Software options provide ability to review treatment data or individual
ECG events that occur during treatment or previous treatment sessions.

The renew™ SPORT is not medical device and is not intended to treat a specific disease, condition, or to be used for diagnostic purposes.

The renew™ SPORT is intended for use as part of a training routine by athletes and may increase blood flow in healthy individuals.

Operating Environment
Temperature: 16° C to 30° C (60.8° F to 86° F)
Humidity: 30% to 70% RH (non-condensing)
Barometric Pressure: B0kPa to 1 00kPa (equivalent to Om to 1,981 m
Absence of electromagnetic interference in the area (such as MRI device)
Free of flammable gases and liquids, including anaesthetics.
Equipment Dimension and Weight

Renew Sport Unit
Dimensions when ready for use: 1930mm(L) x 71 Bmm(W) x 927mm(H)
Dimensions when folded: 953mm(L) x 71 Bmm(W) x 965mm(H)
Weight: 102kg (225Ibs)

Renew™ ECP Therapy is a non-invasive and non-surgical therapy process that uses a medical device to deliver External Counterpulsation (ECP). ECP enhances blood flow through timed inflation of pressure cuffs wrapped around the calves, thighs and hips. The inflation of pressure cuffs occurs in between each heartbeat, compressing the blood vessels and pumping blood back to the heart and throughout the body.

This enhanced blood flow brings about a multitude of health benefits.

Three sets of inflatable pressure cuffs, much like ordinary blood pressure cuffs, are wrapped around the calves, thighs and hips. ECG electrodes applied to the chest enable the Renew™ NCP-5 and renew™ SPORT systems to time cuffs inflation precisely to the rhythm of your heartbeat. When the heart is at rest, the cuffs are inflated sequentially from the calves to the hips. This compresses the blood vessels, thus enhancing circulation of blood flow back to the heart. Prior to the next heartbeat, all three cuffs deflate simultaneously. The rapid deflation of the cuffs significantly reduces the amount of work required of the heart to pump oxygenated blood to the rest of the body.
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The precise timing of the inflation and deflation of the cuffs during treatment gives rise to two effects. Diastolic augmentation - an increase in pressure when the heart is at rest between beats, which increases blood flow. Systolic unloading - a reduction in pressure when the heart beats, thereby decreasing its workload. These actions together increase cardiac output and blood flow to the heart and to the rest of the body’s major organs.


Renew™ ECP Therapy can reduce the levels of several markers of inflammation in the blood1. Studies have also found increased levels of angiogenesis (where new blood vessels are formed) markers in the blood. These findings suggest potential benefits in terms of both acute sports recovery and longer-term protective benefits to overall health. These life-changing effects can improve overall quality of life for a number of years2 afterwards.

  1. Alvaro N Gurovich and Randy W Braith. Enhanced external counter pulsation creates acute blood flow patterns responsible for improved flow-mediated dilation in humans. Hypertension Research (2013) 36, 297–305.
  2. Braverman, D. Heal Your Heart with EECP: The Only Noninvasive Way to overcome Heart Disease. Crown Publishing Group. 2005:68