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Welcome to AIMedical, a unique company combining a dynamic mix of skills, technologies, quality and support.

Our Goal

At AIM our goal is to offer you only the highest quality, latest technology and often unique, proven solutions, from only the best manufacturers of instrumentation and devices worldwide. This translates into superior customer service and unparalleled local support.

AIMedical International Pty. Ltd. represent some of the world's leading manufacturers to offer Australia the world's best, with local support, sales, and service. Our sales and engineering staff welcome your call for information, equipment selection advice, or help with choosing the best option for your next project.

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Sport Science

AIMedical is committed to supporting the latest technology in sport science to enable both teams and individual athletes and their coaches, to develop and perform at their best all of the time. We choose only to partner with the highest quality manufacturer's from around the world.

Sport Science


pedal trainer leg exerciser


AIMedical is committed to supporting the latest technology in rehabilitation to give athletes and patients the best opportunity to get back to their peak as soon as possible. We choose only to partner with the highest quality manufacturer's from around the world.



Neurosoft is a world leader in development and manufacture of mono-phasic and bi-phasic transcranial magnetic stimulators (TMS systems). Their first stimulator was created in 1996.They produce an extensive range of TMS devices.

Neuro-MS/D is the fourth generation magnetic stimulator.

Other devices in the Neurosoft range include EEG Systems, a range of EMG systems with great portability, Audiology Systems as well as IOM Systems.

Thousands of Neurosoft TMS machines operate in scientific laboratories, neurological and psychiatric clinics all over the world and the TMS technique is becoming a routine practice of neurologists, researchers and psychiatrists.


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Qualisys MOCAP cameras and software are manufactured in Sweden where they develop world class technology and support for sport performance, engineering and medical applications.
Go to the next level with the world’s fastest mocap camera, offering unparalleled 3.6 gigapixels per second. With low-latency output and sub-millimeter accuracy at distances up to +35 m, it’s easy to see why Qualisys are the preferred choice in sports science and biomechanics.

Noraxon continues its 25 year tradition of manufacturing excellence for Evidence-Based Biomechanics. We take pride in being recognised in the market place as the Gold Standard across the biomechanical assessment spectrum. Our patent-protected and FDA approved technology includes EMG, video capture, pressure/force and 3D motion analysis. Combining this hardware with the most powerful data acquisition and analysis software ever specifically developed for life sciences, MR3 (myoResearch 3), allows for straight-forward, synchronous and automated data collection.

Galileo® Therapy systems / Medical devices & Training Systems

Private Use

Fitness at home with Galileo®

Galileo® in wellness and beauty 

Fit aging

Therapy at Home


Professional Use

Galileo® at the gym

Corporate health with Galileo®

Therapy & prevention with Galileo®

Diagnostics with Leonardo and pQCT

Gaitway 3D Stratos

The new gaitway 3D by h/p/cosmos and Arsalis measures the ground reaction forces and torques in three directions and comes in three different sizes. 150/50cm, 170/65 and 190/65cm. each size is optimized for a range of speeds.

The gaitway 3D offers a rigid construction to record optimal quality signals. The functionalities include a patient weighing scale, a recording of the ground reaction forces at rates up to 10 kHz, left and right force measurement for the vertical force during walking and an extensive list of biomechanical parameters of normal and pathological gaits.

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AIMedical is committed to supporting the latest technology in research to ensure the accuracy and validity of studies and to help advance the quality of our lives and athletic performance. We choose only to partner with the highest quality manufacturer's from around the world.

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