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TSE Systems

Ever since the start of the production back in 1886, equipment produced by TSE Systems has made a difference in sciences and industries. Whether you are interested in systems for laboratory animals or looking for methods and procedures for biological, preclinical and pharmaceutical research, you may trust in TSE Systems products and systems. We are one of a few global companies to offer a wide product range in high-quality research instrumentation for animal research as well as an outstanding customer support.



A uniquely flexible modular high-throughput phenotyping platform for single or up to 128 mice or rats simultaneously. It equips scientists of different research fields with state-of-the-art technology for fully automated and perfectly synchronized metabolic, behavioral, and physiological monitoring – indirect gas calorimetry, food and liquid intake, locomotor activity, exercise, learning and memory, blood pressure, heart rate, biopotentials, and more.


Social Multi Arena Home Cage Based Behavioral, Cognitive, Metabolic & Physiological Screening

Based on the results of recent EU research projects, and on our extensive experience with in-vivo phenotyping and test equipment, TSE Systems has developed the PhenoWorld concept in close collaboration with several leading research institutions.

PhenoWorld is a unique combinatorial research approach, integrating ideas and solutions implemented in our PhenoMaster behavioral and metabolic home cage monitoring platform with those of the IntelliCage system by NewBehavior, connected by automatic AnimalGates, and combining these with paradigms from the Multi Conditioning approach. This results in a variety of completely novel systems and possible experimental set-ups .