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Neuro-MS/D Advanced Therapeutic

  • advanced solution for repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)
  • 20 Hz stimulation with 100% intensity
  • number of pulses generated during one session – up to 10 000
  • Neuro-MS.NET software to control magnetic stimulator
  • application: psychiatry, neurology. For further information, click on the logo above


  • 2 channels optimized to perform quick motor and sensory conduction tests, needle EMG
  • portable, operates with notebook
  • all-in-one: stimulators, acquisition channels, controls, display
  • high acquisition quality: sampling rate – up to 100 kHz;
  • electrical stimulator with ultra-fast switching between two outputs

    Neuro-MS Monophasic

    • high power monophasic pulse
    • extremely low electromagnetic interference
    • big color screen and easy-click wheel to control parameters
    • two configurations for single pulse and paired pulse connection to computer via USB port.

    Neuro-MS Paired Monophasic

    • built for paired stimulation
    • super strong monophasic stimulus
    • extremely low interference
    • big color screen and easy click wheel to control parameters
    • connection to computer via USB port. For further information, click on the logo above

    Neural Navigator

    The Neural Navigator offered by Brain Science Tools BV is designed to accurately navigate a TMS coil to a brain region. It is easy to use, offers exactly what you need and is CE certified as a medical device (class IIa) in the European Union and InMetro Certified and registered with ANVISA for clinical use in Brazil. It adopts a well validated registration technology and has been rigorously tested on human participants and with computer simulations (3). The Neural Navigator has been actively used since 2004 in many labs around the world. An affordable magnetic position tracking device is used to track coil position.