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Neuro-MS/D Advanced Therapeutic

Neuro-MS/D Advanced Therapeutic



Features of the Neuro-MSX
  • Up to 100Hz stimulation frequency and up to 2,000Hz in Theta Burst mode
  • Perfect combination of high power and great design
  • Breakthrough cooling system - The super-powerful "Irbis" cooling unit - for operation in high ambient temperature, at high intensities and high  frequencies
  • Unique Neuro-MS.NET software with predefined protocols
  • Built-in Wi-Fi interface to control stimulation settings from any device, even if you don't have a computer with Neuro-MS.NET software

To know more about the device, visit the Neuro-MSX pages. You will find it in the TMS section.


    Neuro-MS Monophasic

    Neuro-MS Monophasic

    • high power monophasic pulse
    • extremely low electromagnetic interference
    • big color screen and easy-click wheel to control parameters
    • two configurations for single pulse and paired pulse connection to computer via USB port.

    Neuro-MS Paired Pulse Monophasic

    • built for paired stimulation
    • super strong monophasic stimulus
    • extremely low interference
    • big color screen and easy click wheel to control parameters
    • connection to computer via USB port. For further information, click on the logo above.

    Introducing Neurosoft EEG


    • reliable device for daily routine
    • electrode impedance indication at the lead inputs
    • electrodes and caps of various manufacturers
    • operation in unshielded environments

    EEG for routine use

     For further information on Neuron-Spectrum-61..65  click here

    For other Neurosoft EEG solutions click here 

    Neuro-MEP-Micro EMG

    Neuro-MEP-Micro EMG

    • 2 channels optimised to perform quick motor and sensory conduction tests, needle EMG
    • portable, operates with notebook
    • all-in-one: stimulators, acquisition channels, controls, display
    • high acquisition quality: sampling rate – up to 100 kHz;
    • electrical stimulator with ultra-fast switching between two outputs.


    Neural Navigator

    Neural Navigator

    The Neural Navigator offered by Brain Science Tools BV is designed to accurately navigate a TMS coil to a brain region. It is easy to use, offers exactly what you need and is CE certified as a medical device (class IIa) in the European Union and InMetro Certified and registered with ANVISA for clinical use in Brazil. It adopts a well validated registration technology and has been rigorously tested on human participants and with computer simulations (3). The Neural Navigator has been actively used since 2004 in many labs around the world. An affordable magnetic position tracking device is used to track coil position.

     Navigated rTMS in Psychiatry

    Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) in combination with MRI guided neuronavigation can be used in psychiatry for the treatment of a variety of disorders such as depression (MDD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and dysthymic disorder. Patients suffering from MDD or OCD who are resistant to pharmacotherapy have been treated successfully with (navigated) rTMS. Standard rTMS protocols for stimulation of the targeted brain area are available for both applications. We offer rTMS machines and MRI guided neuronavigation (Neural Navigator) separately as well as a complete solution (package) for research and clinical treatment. The complete solution is CE certified for medical use in the EU and FDA cleared for clinical use in the USA.

    Added value of MRI-guided neuronavigation

    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) requires accurate placement of the TMS coil over the targeted brain area. Conventional placement methods in TMS are based merely on external landmarks of the head (5 cm rule, 10-20 EEG). This leads to inaccuracies in …Read More


    Brain Coil for TMS


    Neuroscience Equipment Devices – Melbourne, Sydney & Perth

    AIMedical imports the latest neuroscience equipment Australia wide and within New Zealand. With the scientific study of the nervous system, medical clinics, specialists and hospitals have access to highly advanced instrumentation to determine proper behavioural and cognitive functions of the brain. Research in this field can improve understanding of the brain and body; and how it affects human function particularly with serious health issues such as Down syndrome, autism, ADHD, epilepsy, brain tumours, stroke and schizophrenia.

    Litebox EMG

    3-channel NCS, EMG and EP system            Litebox EMG

    Main Features:

    • 3 acquisition channels for quickest examination ever
    • NCS and needle EMG according to international standards
    • All-in-one: stimulators, amplifier, keyboard in single compact and lightweight box
    • Electrical stimulator with unipolar and bipolar pulse waveforms
    • Premium signal quality due to innovative circuits for sophisticated filtering, noise suppression and stimulus artifact reduction.

    For further details click here


    5-channel NCS, EMG and Multi-modality EP System with a Built-in Keyboard


    • compact
    • instant EMG acquisition                                              
    • multi-modality EP in base delivery set
    • EMG according to International standards
    • portable, can be powered by notebook

    Digital system for Auditory EP, OAE and Screening PTA Neuro-Audio

    Main Features:

    • all-in-one solution for auditory EP and OAE acquisition;
    • automatic multi-ASSR test;
    • high acquisition quality;
    • VEMP with biofeedback;
    • new standard for routine tests.

    For further information click here

    tVNS Logo

    Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation
    When medication

    The stimulation device tVNS ® is already helping thousands of patients to master their everyday life, pain-free, and without restrictions.

    tVNS ® is a medical device for alleviating the symptoms of sympathovagal imbalance and was specially developed for patients who are not free of seizures despite drug therapy.

    Special nerve fibers are activated by gentle electrical impulses (neurostimulation) via an ear electrode on the ear. The user can determine the intensity of the impulses himself.

    tVNS ® has been used by thousands of patients and is a treatment with very few side effects.

    tVNS ® L is approved for the treatment of the following indications:

    email: to receive a copy of the brochure or any further information


    32-channel System for Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring with Advanced Functionality

    • enhanced SEP acquisition
    • enhanced MEP acquisition with a switching function and a wide range of stimulation parameters
    • 32 amplifier channels
    • auditory and visual evoked potentials, EMG, direct nerve stimulation, EEG, ECoG — more than 10 monitoring modalities
    • transcranial electrical stimulator — up to 1000 V
    • flexible configurations to ensure any monitoring needs

     Neuro-IOM 32B-a Device

    1) Spine surgery:

    • cervical/thoracic/lumbosacral decompression
    • pedicle screw positioning;
    • intra-/extramedullary spinal tumours;
    • scoliosis surgery;
    • tethered spinal cord syndrome;
    • dorsal rhizotomy.

    2) Vascular surgery:

    • aorta surgery;
    • blood vessel replacement;
    • endarterectomy;
    • heart surgery.

    3) Brain surgery.
    Intra-operative brain and cranial nerve monitoring. Mapping of functional areas of brain cortex
    and brainstem:

    • brain tumours (and other abnormalities in motor, sensory, auditory, visual cortical areas and their pathways);
    • facial nerve monitoring;
    • epilepsy surgery;
    • recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring during neck and thyroid surgery;
    • movement disorder surgery;
    • chiasmo-sellar area (CSAB) monitoring;
    • aneurism clipping


    The Home of Neuroscience Equipment For Labs, Hospitals, Doctors & Medical Establishments

    AIMedical is proud to partner with leading international brands Neurosoft and Brain Science Tools to bring you the latest in neuroscience technology.

    We offer solutions to assist professional academic research organisations, medical establishments, hospitals and various wellness clinics nationally in Australia. Our groundbreaking neuroscience devices come from trusted manufacturers around the globe, delivering cost-effective solutions you can trust.

    The Neural Navigator

    Offered by Brain Science Tools BV, the Neural Navigator is designed to accurately navigate a TMS coil to the brain region. It is easy to use and is a certified medical device. This has been actively used since 2004 in many labs around the world. An affordable magnetic position tracking device is also used to track coil position.

    Neuro-MS/D Advanced Therapeutic

    • Advanced solution for repetitive Transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)
    • 20 Hz stimulation with 100% intensity
    • Number of pulses generated during one session – up to 10,000
    • Neuro-MS.NET software to control magnetic stimulator
    • Application: psychiatry & neurology


    • 2 channels optimised to perform quick motor and sensory conduction tests, needle EMG
    • Portable and operates with notebook
    • All in one: stimulators, acquisition, channels, controls and display
    • High acquisition quality: sampling rate – up to 100 kHz
    • Electrical stimulator with ultra-fast switching between two outputs

    Neuro-MS Monophasic

    • High power monophasic pulse
    • Extremely low electromagnetic interference
    • Big color screen and easy-click wheel to control parameters
    • Two configurations for single pulse and paired pulse connection to computer via USB port – Neuro MS Paired Monophasic option.

    Our committed service team is here to assist with all your enquiries and help you get the most out these innovative pieces of equipment.

    Need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact AIMedical for all your neuro-rehabilitation instrumentation needs within Australia and New Zealand. Chat to us today about your goals on (08) 8294 8664  OR 1300 ASK AIM or send an email to to request further details.