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As the patient walks, the robowalk cables at the front assist the movement of the legs with support. The cables at the rear can be used also as resistance and for gait correction training. Both the front and back system can be utilized together for even greater training effects. For further information, click on the logo above


Luna is a rehabilitation robot for orthopaedic and neurological patients. It can perform force or EMG driven exercises with the patient, entertain with games and perform complex diagnostic tests.

Luna is the robot for you! For further information, click on the logo above

Bimeo PRO

Bimeo PRO is a sensor based rehabilitation device for post-stroke and other neurological patients.

The patient is involved in a motivating virtual reality environment. Bimeo is designed to make therapy effective and motivating for patients and facilitating for therapists. Therapy with Bimeo goes one step beyond state-of-the-art methods in rehabilitation medicine. For further information, click on the logo above

Dynamic Devices

Training protocols and therapeutic interventions actively involving the patient favorably influence brain plasticity and enhance executive functions such as cognition, decision- making and motor learning. These adaptations are relevant for preserving sensory-motor functions and restoring these after total knee and hip replacements, traumatic brain injury, stroke and other neurological disorders affecting movement. For further information, click on the logo above

Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Robot

Provide intensive and repetitive goal-directed movements to help motor function recovery

Force-feedback and guidance in real time

Motivate users to actively participate in the training by a variety of game- like augmented performance feedback exercises.

Provide quantitative reports to help optimize therapy

Improve therapy efficiency by reducing the therapist’s physical effort and the need for continuous therapeutic guidance

Customize rehabilitation program for users. For further information, click on the logo above