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As the patient walks, the robowalk cables at the front assist the movement of the legs with support. The cables at the rear can be used also as resistance and for gait correction training. Both the front and back system can be utilized together for even greater training effects. For further information, click on the logo above.

Locomotion therapy

Early start of therapy with body weight support.
Improved ergonomics for healthier therapist
Simple operation and control for therapist and patient.
Downhill operation for optimal therapeutic results.
  • running surface: L: 150 cm (4ft 11.06") W: 50 cm (1ft 7.69")
  • speed range: 0...10.0 km/h (0...2.8 m/s) (0...6.2 mph)
  • elevation: -25.0 %...+25.0 % (-14.0°...+14.0°) motorized adjustment
  • digital interface: 1 x RS 232 com1 with 9600 bps: incl. PC-protocol, h/p/cosmos coscom® & printer protocol serial
  • colour of frame: pure white RAL 9010 (powder coated)
  • classification: medical device risk class IIaccording to MDD, active therapeutic medical device and active diagnostic medical device
  • usage class: S, I according to ISO 20957-1
  • accuracy class: A (high accuracy) according to EN 957-6

Bimeo PRO

Bimeo PRO is a sensor based rehabilitation device for post-stroke and other neurological patients.

The patient is involved in a motivating virtual reality environment. Bimeo is designed to make therapy effective and motivating for patients and facilitating for therapists. Therapy with Bimeo goes one step beyond state-of-the-art methods in rehabilitation medicine. For further information, click on the logo above.


The all-in-one solution for balance rehabilitation.
Balance Training

Everyday human activities like gait, walking or running rely on good balance.

Objective Assessment

Clinicians can track their patient’s progress and make adjustment through the help of objective assessments.

Patient Motivation

The patient is encouraged to train their balance through many different motivating training scenarios.

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for forward thinking healthcare professionals looking for next level rehabilitation and prevention technology.

Cognitive, motor and physical training for everyone!

Training protocols and therapeutic interventions actively involving the patient favourably influence brain plasticity and enhance executive functions such as cognition, decision- making and motor learning. These adaptations are relevant for preserving sensory-motor functions and restoring these after total knee and hip replacements, traumatic brain injury, stroke and other neurological disorders affecting movement. For further information, click on the logo above.

Product range

  • all-in-one: gait assessment and training system
  • targeted gait rehabilitation using biofeedback technique and motivating virtual gaming environment
  • manual or automatic training modes
  • easy to use

A considerable number of patients with orthopaedic, neurological, joint and neuromuscular disorders, dorsopathy and other locomotor, central and peripheral nervous system disorders have high rehabilitation potential and require active treatment and rehabilitation.

In such patient groups, one of the main rehabilitation targets is to restore walking skills. 

High Tech Neuro-rehabilitation Devices – Available Through AIMedical in Australia & New Zealand

AIMedical is a leading distributor and wholesaler of neuro-rehabilitation solutions in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Our organisation is committed to supporting the latest technological advancements in rehabilitation with a range of cutting-edge devices sourced from leading manufacturers all over the world – giving your business the competitive edge it deserves.

Our neuro-rehabilitation equipment can help treat and manage the following conditions including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, concussion, cerebral palsy, vertigo, muscular dystrophy and traumatic brain injury. Neurological injury can take on many different forms; however, with the help of qualified physicians, our rehabilitation devices can help improve people’s everyday function and condition.

AIMedical – The Leading Australian Supplier of Neuro-Rehabilitation Equipment

Rehabilitation for some people can be quite a long journey. At AIMedical, our goal is to provide professional clinicians and medical staff with access to the right neuro-rehabilitation instrumentation throughout Australia and New Zealand – and give patients the opportunity to improve their everyday function, mobility and mental strength. We supply devices from h/p/cosmos, Luna and Bimeo PRO that work to treat various neurological conditions.

h/p/cosmos robowalk cables

  • As the patient walks, the robowalk cables at the front assist the movement of the legs with support. The back cables are used as resistance for gait correction training.

Luna – Rehabilitation Robot

  • Generally used for orthopaedic and neurological patients. It is used to perform force of EMG driven exercises with the patient, game entertainment and performing complex diagnostic tests.

Bimeo PRO

  • Is a sensor based rehabilitation device for post-stroke and neurological patients.’ The patient is taken through a series of motivating virtual reality movements to help facilitate effective therapy.

Dynamic Devices

  • Standard training protocols and therapeutic interventions that influence brain plasticity; cognitive, decision making and motor learning functions.

Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot

  • A useful tool for providing intensive and repetitive goal-directed movements to help motor function recovery. Provides customizable rehabilitation programs for users.

AIMedical is passionate about providing neuro-rehabilitation equipment to help support the unique needs of those with neurological injuries, as well as people looking for general rehabilitation sessions.

AIMedical is your trusted supplier for all your neuro-rehabilitation instrumentation needs within Australia and New Zealand. Chat to us today about your business goals on (08) 8294 8664 OR 1300 ASK AIM or send an email to for more detailed information.