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The most profound Running Analysis in the world.

Assemble Your Data & Track Position Markers in 3D With The Latest Motion Capture Technology – Australia & New Zealand

When it comes to collecting vital data from patients and athletes, our motion-capture video technology equipment can help you track precise movement of different body parts and convert that information into presentable data.

At AIMedical, our MOCAP medical systems are imported from the latest manufacturers globally. We pride ourselves on being a unique company that combines a dynamic mix of skills, technologies, quality and support. With 2D and 3D technology developing at a rapid rate at an elite level within the medical and sporting industry, motion-capture systems will help your organisation create move lists, capture the right data, clean up various pieces of data and arrange shoots through computer animation.

Online reporting

World-leading reporting tools for analyzing motion capture data.



Mocap Medical Systems Software

AIMedical is a leading supplier of MOCAP medical systems throughout Australia and New Zealand. Motion capture (often stated as MOCAP for short) is a form of video technology using infrared cameras and reflective markers to capture raw motion.

Motion capture systems are fast becoming much more accessible within medical fields, showcasing increasing benefits in areas of preventative healthcare. It has the ability to assist GPs, surgery clinics and hospitals provide more accurate patient assessments, data retrieval and the prediction of injury prevention over the long term.

Online reporting

World-leading reporting tools for analyzing motion capture data

All your reports. Safe in the cloud.

The reporting platform that lets you interact with your motion capture data like you never could before. The platform consists of the Report Center and Web Reports for several activities, each including data, video and a 3D viewer in a single document.

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Driving Medical Innovation

Compared to 15 years ago, it would have taken double the time to train medical professionals to use a piece of software system. Nowadays, you have greater access to technology that is smarter, simpler and easier to use. At AIMedical, we believe in our mocap technology and choose to only collaborate with companies that offer supreme quality products, innovation and technological advancement.

With more and more medical clinics adopting motion capture technology; we are seeing amazing results in the areas of rehabilitation, gait analysis and various other medical conditions. If you’re a leading research centre, local university, medical clinic or hospital interested in improving patient care, our motion capture software will give you the competitive edge you’re looking for.

For a confidential discussion about our high tech motion capture systems in Australia and New Zealand, please contact our specialist support team on  (08) 8294 8664 with all your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.