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Mocap Medical Systems Software

AIMedical is a leading supplier of MOCAP medical systems throughout Australia and New Zealand. Motion capture (often stated as MOCAP for short) is a form of video technology using infrared cameras and reflective markers to capture raw motion.

Motion capture systems are fast becoming much more accessible within medical fields, showcasing increasing benefits in areas of preventative healthcare. It has the ability to assist GPs, surgery clinics and hospitals provide more accurate patient assessments, data retrieval and the prediction of injury prevention over the long term.


Cameras for underwater motion capture

Qualisys underwater cameras are the world’s only commercially available optical motion capture cameras for underwater use.

Our underwater cameras are designed for mobility, robustness and trouble-free operation.

All cameras are pressure tested to a depth of 40m. Weight and volume are balanced to give the camera neutral buoyancy for easy handling in water.

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Qualisys proudly presents... Arqus

High Resolution.
High Speed.
High Accuracy 

Arqus provides the highest resolution camera in the industry as well as the industry’s highest full-FOV frame rate camera. Capture with resolutions ranging from 5MP to 26 MP or with full field-of-view at 1400 fps - surpassing the resolution of any other motion capture camera in the market by 10MP or more!

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May the fours be with you

Four models. Four impressive takes on motion capture. The Arqus platform provides superior resolution, maxed out frame rates and anything in-between.


Driving Medical Innovation

Compared to 15 years ago, it would have taken double the time to train medical professionals to use a piece of software system. Nowadays, you have greater access to technology that is smarter, simpler and easier to use. At AIMedical, we believe in our mocap technology and choose to only collaborate with companies that offer supreme quality products, innovation and technological advancement.

With more and more medical clinics adopting motion capture technology; we are seeing amazing results in the areas of rehabilitation, gait analysis and various other medical conditions. If you’re a leading research centre, local university, medical clinic or hospital interested in improving patient care, our motion capture software will give you the competitive edge you’re looking for.

For a confidential discussion about our high tech motion capture systems in Australia and New Zealand, please contact our specialist support team on  (08) 8294 8664 OR 300 ASK AIM with all your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

AIMedical’s Guide To Motion Capture Technology

Motion Capture Technology or MOCAP for short was introduced by an American animator named Lee Harrison back in the 1960s. That’s right; it was used in the development of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (and many of your other animated favourites). Today, however, the medical industry has adopted MOCAP technology, taking it to new heights and measuring and improving clients’ quality of life. Whether it be to improve fitness, train those in the medical field, or diagnose an injury, motion capture technology is used by professionals worldwide. But what exactly is Motion capture technology? The team at AIMedical International are here to provide you with all the information you need to know about motion capture systems and their uses in healthcare.

What Is Motion Capture Technology?

Well, it’s in the name. Motion capture technology maps, animates, and records an individual’s organic movements in real-time. MOCAP equipment uses markers and infrared cameras to create 3D generated models of its user that are animated for accuracy. In healthcare, this is particularly revolutionary, as motion capture devices provide professionals with insights into how one’s brain or body receives and responds to movement and what that means for their health.

How Do We Use Motion Capture Technology In Healthcare?

Various medical fields have adopted motion capture technology to help diagnose and treat those living with various health conditions. Additionally, motion capture equipment has made its way into universities and training centres for medical professionals and has become an important tool in preventing and assessing patient injury.

  • Orthopedics. Motion capture technology has been particularly groundbreaking in the orthopedics sector of medicine. Using MOCAP device visualisations, doctors and scientists have been able to identify musculoskeletal dysfunctions, which has allowed for efficient and effective treatment options.
  • Injury diagnosis and rehabilitation. Motion capture technology affords medical professionals the ability to personalise treatment plans for their patients. For example, MOCAP systems in rehabilitation allow therapists and their clients to visualise movement and exercise, thus assessing individual needs.
  • MRI diagnostics. Magnetic resonance imaging is used to track brain activity. Recently, MOCAP devices have been used alongside MRI machines to determine how the brain responds to an individual’s physical movement.
  • Preventive medicine. There has been an increase in the adoption of MOCAP in physical therapy and athletics. By using motion capture technology, athletes and medical professionals have been able to determine where an injury may occur on an individual. This has allowed for preventative measures to be put in place, thus reducing the risk of injury.
  • Training and development. MOCAP technology has provided a new and innovative way for healthcare trainees to learn and accurately implement their skills when working with individuals.

The Benefits Of Motion Capture Technology

Sure, MOCAP technology was behind the creation of some of your favourite animated classics, but its use in the healthcare industry has revolutionised the way medical professionals diagnose and work with their patients. When Lee Howard invented motion capture technology, there’s no way he would have known it would have so many benefits to the healthcare industry.

  • Can prevent an injury before it happens. As we learned earlier, mocap technology can identify an injury waiting to happen. That means medical professionals can work with patients and put measures in place to prevent an injury before it happens.
  • Can improve individual performance. Motion capture systems allow athletes and those in recovery to track their individual performance over time.
  • Aids rehabilitation. Those in healthcare can use motion capture equipment to identify an individual’s ailment/s and use the findings to develop a rehabilitation process unique to each case.
  • Quick and accurate results. Motion capture equipment allows professionals to quickly and accurately identify areas of concern, thus resulting in a swift treatment and/or rehabilitation plan.
  • Non-invasive. Motion capture technology is non-invasive and collaborative. It allows individuals to work together with professionals to develop a health and/or recovery plan that is right for them.

When You Need Motion Capture Technology, Contact AIMedical International

AIMedical International strives to deliver the latest high-quality technology and unique, scientifically proven solutions from premier manufacturers of instrumentation and devices internationally. Our team has an unparalleled passion for innovation, which translates into everything we do for our clients. We’re here to provide information, equipment selection advice, and premium customer support services. Whether you need sports science technology, neuro-rehabilitation technology, neuro-science devices, or biomechanics cameras and software, AIMedical International can help you choose the equipment that meets your needs. If you’re looking to purchase motion capture technology, contact the team at AI Medical International today.