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Qualisys Track Manager 2020

movement capture from Mocap

Posted By Aimedical  
07:51 AM

A new release of the Qualisys Track Manager software is now available for download on

Top new features in QTM 2020

  • Support for Miqus Hybrid
    - Support for the new two-in-one Miqus Hybrid Camera.
    - The same camera can be used for either marker mode or full-color video mode.
    - Run marker mode for marker tracking.
    - Run video mode for video recording and/or markerless tracking.
  • Sports Marker Set
    - A new marker set specifically adapted for sports applications. 
    - Segments are defined in an anatomically correct way for easy interpretation.
    - Optional markers (calibration markers) can be added to improve skeleton calibration.
  • Skeleton solver improvements
    - Calibration markers can now be added using the Animation Marker Set to improve skeleton calibration.
    - Added ability to weigh individual markers, changing how much they affect the solved skeleton.
    - Added ability to plot segment position, rotation, velocity, and acceleration.
    - Export skeleton data (segment position and rotations) to MATLAB data files (.mat).
  • 3D meshes
    - Put static meshes in the 3D scene.
    - Attach meshes to rigid bodies.

    For a full list of changes, read the release notes in your client dashboard.
    See the video with new features here.