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Qualisys proudly presents... Arqus Underwater

Posted By AIM  
16:00 PM

It is with great pride we can inform you that Qualisys is strengthening its position as the only mocap provider for underwater measurements by launching the Arqus Underwater motion capture camera.

Arqus Underwater is a robust, high resolution camera for long range measurements under water.

The new camera is suitable for a wide range of applications including vessel design, naval research, fishing industry and sports science.

The camera’s strobe consists of 24 high power deep blue LEDs that can illuminate markers at more than 30 m distance (100 ft). The custom-designed housing is made of stainless steel / polycarbonate and pressure tested to 40 m depth (130 ft).

The powerful LEDs are thermally connected to the housing to get the most efficient cooling for best performance. Key features include:


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