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KeeogoTM enters the market "Down Under"

Posted By AIMedical  
08:00 AM

KeeogoTM debuted in CMEF 2021 with expansion to ASEAN & Down Under

KeeogoTM, the AI-powered human mobility device, was demonstrated at CMEF for the first time, and business further expanded to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the Philippines starting October.

This year at the CMEF 2021, the largest medical tradeshow in China, KeeogoTM was recognized as the only commercially available exoskeleton for Active Rehab, a major contrast to many other companies who introduced their robotic solutions for passive rehabilitation.  Industry experts, professionals and peers alike were amazed at this light weight, flexible Dermoskeleton device which offers never-before-seen active rehab and training solutions to patients in need. 

At the same time, B-Temia Asia (BTA), a joint venture company between the Wistron Group and B-Temia Inc. (BTI) of Canada, announces that KeeogoTM is now available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the Philippines.  This development extends the availability of KeeogoTM to the major Asian economies including Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

"We are proud to be introducing KeeogoTM to the Australian and New Zealand markets.  KeeogoTM is the ideal addition to our extensive range of Neuro-Rehab and Sports Medicine range." explained Mat van Heerden, Marketing Director of AIMedical, the newly signed exclusive partner for Keeogo from Down Under.  


“KeeogoTM marks the next generation of exoskeleton technology that can really benefit patients in the community," explained Yance Tze, Business Development Manager of SANKHZ, newly signed exclusive partner for KeeogoTM distribution in Singapore.


"Nothing’s gonna stop people from regaining their mobility with KeeogoTM," said Rey Bautista, CEO of SRB Enterprise, exclusive partner for KeeogoTM distribution in the Philippines.

With joint efforts among partners, Wistron expects the robotic rehabilitation and training services offered by KeeogoTM to grow rapidly, helping patients in need in post-pandemic Asia Pacific communities.  


"KeeogoTM is unique in its flexibility, practicality, as well as affordability.  BTI and Wistron have jointly invested heavily into advanced R&D and mass production of not only the KeeogoTM, but also next-generation human mobility technologies with strong confidence of a very bright future and in helping improve people's lives," explained Donald Hwang, CEO of BTA, and also CTO of the Wistron Group.



About Wistron Medical Technology 

Wistron Medical Technology Corporation (WMT) is a professional design & manufacturing service partner for diagnostic and medical technology brand companies. Incorporated in 2016 in Taiwan, WMT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wistron Corporation, a leading ODM and EMS partner for the world’s top technology companies for over 15 years. WMT obtains Wistron’s capability and experience and is devoted to the MedTech field to make people live quality lives with better and more affordable medical devices.


About KeeogoTM Dermoskeleton system

KeeogoTM, short for “Keep on going”, is a lower limb powered human mobility device developed. Its proprietary Dermoskeleton technology is a novel type of lightweight exoskeleton. It detects, responds, and then supports an individual’s movements with AI-based advanced software and motorized assistance. KeeogoTM has benefited those with stroke, knee osteoarthritis, muscular or neuro-degenerative conditions, spinal cord, and other injuries affecting mobility. KeeogoTM is used as rehabilitation equipment in clinics or as a personal assistive device at home, work, and in the community to aid with daily activities.



AIMedical International Pty Ltd offers customers a range of devices which augment each other in the Neuro-Rehab field. Covering Australia and New Zealand with representation in all the major cities, the team has combined experience of Sales experts, Technical Engineers, Biomechanics.



An effective community rehabilitation practice is a combination of knowledge, experience, effective organization, and passion. SANKHZ is experienced in the rehabilitation technology market with more than 10 years of experience. We hope we can devote our knowledge and experience and provide useful solutions for the users and patients in the community.


About SRB Enterprise

The emergence of SRB Enterprise in the Philippines 5 years ago has brought excitement and tremendous modernization of the Sports & Medical Systems in government and private institutions.