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Introducing Ultium Motion

Posted By AIMedical  
09:00 AM

Wearable 3D Motion Capture

Ultium Motion, Noraxon’s next-generation inertial motion capture system, is equipped with a state-of-the-art sensor design that delivers accurate & reliable kinematic measurement for all types of movement – including high velocity and high impact conditions – while maintaining the advantages of the multi-device myoRESEARCH software platform through the universal connectivity of the Ultium receiver.

The small water-resistant sensors and updated straps allow for more natural movement to be captured while key technological advantages are sustained, including 10+ hour battery runtime, lossless data capture, and robust wireless communication.

With the Ultium Motion system, users will be able to capture 3D kinematics, acceleration, and joint trajectories for the purpose of measuring changes in movement patterns during a variety of applications. Ultium Motion is also available in the Ultium Portable Lab.

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