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BST TMS Course

Posted By AIMedical  
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Medical Imaging and Research Results



Portrait of Kyle Hoath - AIMedical International Team

TMS Course December 12&13

Our annual TMS course will be held on the 12th and 13th of December 2022. The course covers the background of TMS, MRI-guided neuronavigation, EMG, applications in psychiatric & neurological disorders and more. We are happy to announce that Kyle Hoath is our first guest speaker!

Dr Kyle Hoath is a specialist psychiatrist at Modalis, a TMS practice that treats patients across multiple clinics in Western Australia. Dr Hoath is also the Director of Neurostimulation at The Marian Centre, a private hospital in Western Australia, and a presenter and assessor for the University of Western Australia/Perron Institute’s RANZCP accredited TMS course. 


Updates regarding the course can be found on our LinkedIn and Twitter.


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