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TSE Equipment Supports COVID-19 Research and Scientific Advancement

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18:51 PM

TSE Equipment Supports COVID-19 Research and Scientific Advancement

TSE Systems is committed to collaborating with scientists to provide the equipment supporting COVID-19 research and scientific advancement – equipment to study the physiology and behavior of rodents, non-human primates, and large animals.

Challenge: Core Body Temperature Measurement

in Freely Moving Group- and Single-Housed Animals

Solution: TSE Stellar Implantable Telemetry with New Continuous Receiver

To help measure the body temperature in animals, our Stellar Telemetry Continuous Receiver offers the capabilities of continuous and scheduled recordings on one device. Customers can choose between (or switch between) the continuous capabilities of implants collecting real-time data or implants with on-board memory for scheduled recordings of pressures and biopotentials (e.g. EEG, ECG, EMG, and EOG).

All implants include: 
·    Temperature, Activity, and Battery monitoring 
·    Ability to set sample rates up to 1000 Hz independently for each signal within the implant

Challenge: Contamination/Risk of Exposure During Home-Cage Observation

Solution: PhenoMaster/Telemetry Combination

For virus-infection models using human pathogens, the TSE PhenoMaster and Stellar Telemetry(R) systems can be used alone or in combination with optional isolator cages with a HEPA barrier to protect either husbandry staff or animals themselves from getting infected or infecting each other. These systems are available for mice, rats, ferret, guinea-pig, and NHP.

We are supporting research to find scientific endpoints. Our production department remains open, our technicians on call for technical questions, and our sales team ready to assist your needs.

To speak to a member of our team about your research needs, email: or