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The Newest Innovation in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy – Australia/New Zealand.

The advancement of brain technology over the years has been astounding. AIMedical has become the leading supplier of advanced Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation equipment in both Melbourne and Sydney. The Neural Navigator offered by Brain Science Tools BV is designed to accurately navigate a TMS coil to the specific brain region. It’s easy to use, offers clinics exactly what they need and is CE certified as an industry medical device.

What is it?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive form of brain stimulation that works on impacting the central nervous system by applying powerful magnetic fields to certain parts of the brain to help with depression and other neurological issues. Operating completely outside the body, it is usually very well tolerated by patients with minimal side effects.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Equipment Used By Leading Clinics & Medical Practitioners Throughout Australia & New Zealand

At AIMedical, our high tech transcranial magnetic stimulation equipment is well regarded across New Zealand and Australia. Our Brain Science tools can be adjusted for stimulation intensity and anatomical target by taking advantage of a ‘landmark’ in the brain called the motor cortex. This allows the practitioner to determine the best location for the stimulation coil as it relates to the individual’s brain.

Neuro-MS/D Advanced Therapeutic

  • Advanced solution for repetitive Transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)
  • 20 Hz stimulation with 100% intensity
  • Number of pulses generated during one session – up to 10,000
  • Neuro-MS.NET software to control magnetic stimulator
  • Application: psychiatry & neurology


  • 2 channels optimised to perform quick motor and sensory conduction tests, needle EMG
  • Portable and operates with notebook
  • All in one: stimulators, acquisition, channels, controls and display
  • High acquisition quality: sampling rate – up to 100 kHz
  • Electrical stimulator with ultra-fast switching between two outputs

Neuro-MS Monophasic

  • High power monophasic pulse
  • Extremely low electromagnetic interference
  • Big color screen and easy-click wheel to control parameters
  • Two configurations for single pulse and paired pulse connection to computer via USB port – Neuro MS Paired Monophasic option.

Contact AIMedical today for more information on our Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation equipment within Australia and New Zealand. We can be reached directly on (08) 8294 8664  or 1300 ASK AIM or alternatively you can chat with us via email at sales@aimedical.com.au with all your medical related questions.