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The Online TMS for Depression Clinical Certification Course, is hosted by Professor Paul Fitzgerald, Professor Kate Hoy and the team at the Epworth Centre for Innovation in Mental Health (ECIMH), a centre of Monash University and Epworth HealthCare. Due to the ongoing uncertainty of travel during COVID-19 we will not be conducting an in-person training in 2021, so have adapted the training for online delivery. 

The Online TMS for Depression Clinical Certification Course offers video lectures by leading experts in the field, current academic and clinical resources, and practical certification in TMS treatment provision and the conduct of resting motor thresholds.

Both a Theory only, and a Theory + Practical Certification course are offered. Those seeking practical skills training in Resting Motor Thresholds or TMS treatment provision must select the Theory + Practical Certification Course. The practical component will comprise online training, with assessment and certification conducted through participants providing a videoed demonstration of practical skills in either a Resting Motor Threshold (Medical Professionals) or provision of a TMS treatment (Nurses + Allied Health Clinicians). At this stage, they therefore require access to TMS equipment to be able to take part in the Theory + Practical Certification course.

More information on both courses is available at


Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS),
Ketamine and Neuromodulation Research
Black Dog Institute, Randwick, Sydney

Designed for clinicians and researchers, the courses will be facilitated by Prof Colleen Loo and other leading experts in neurostimulation and mood disorders.

2-day certificate course in TMS | 17-18 March 2022 Introductory 2-day course on theory and techniques, including practical demonstration administering TMS.

TMS Masterclass | 29 April 2022 1-day course on current and emerging treatments, complex casesand treatment prescribing.

For enquiries, contact Angelo Alonzo


TMS/Neural Navigation Online demonstration from BST.

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2022 TMS Course        

(January- 18th - 19th, 2022) Postponed until June 2022.

Our annual course on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) will take place in June 2021, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Both days consist of theoretical lectures providing the required background, and practical sessions where you can learn how to apply TMS protocols, perform MRI guided neuronavigation, and measure electromyograms (EMG) simulatenously. The first day is aimed at users applying TMS in clinical practice. The second day is aimed at advances in TMS research and research applications. This course is organized by Brain Science Tools BV in collaboration with Neurosoft, a company manufacturing TMS stimulators and EMG devices. The practical sessions will be using equipment from the organizing companies.

Check out our TMS course website for the full programme